Upstate NY's Best Pro-Am Basketball League

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Oneida Square

2017 Men's Scoring Leaders

(Minimum 5 games)

Kenton Chan-Man (Upstate Swagger) 26 ppg
EJ Gallup (Eggan Excavating) 21.9 ppg
Josh Henderson (CNY Concrete) 21.4 ppg
Anthony Bryant (GBG) 21 ppg
Shea Bromirski (Eggan Excavating) 20.6 ppg
Joe Cremo (Eggan Excavating) 20.3 ppg
Mickey Davis (Prestige Elite) 18.8 ppg
Quayshawn Mitchell (GBG) 18.8 ppg
Cam Dobbs (Utica Elite) 18.6 ppg
Dominykas Milka (Eggan Excavating) 18 ppg